ElizaBeth Donovan

SVP Director of Business Development, Ogilvy Chicago

Cristina is simply awesome! Admittedly, when I arrived at Ogilvy to run Business Development, I was not sure how she fit in. My question was quickly answered: everywhere. 

Cristina's design skills are unparalleled in a competitive new business world where it is tough to stand out. For such a young designer, I was so impressed that her work was superior to designers far more advanced in years of experience. And during downtimes, she was always working to expand and hone her growth in this area. Always challenging herself.

Cristina's strategic planning beginnings proved to be a distinct advantage in so many areas of business development. She was able to quickly analyze an opportunity and provide great insights into what might be a thoughtful way to approach a prospect's challenge; in identifying what work/case studies we should be showing to demonstrate our expertise/experience; in bringing ideas for added value that would enhance our pitch; and so much more.

Her work ethic was impeccable. I could ALWAYS count on Cristina - no matter what time I reached out to her - day/night/weekends. She understood the unique speed and 24/7 nature of new business and responded accordingly. Every. Single. Time. Her dedication was truly admirable and very much appreciated.

Overall, Cristina was always an incredible asset to the Ogilvy new business team and I cannot imagine realizing the success we experienced without her fantastic contributions. Given the chance, I will always want her on my team!

Rick Webb

COO, Timehop

Cristina is great! Super quick, super detail oriented. Can think on her own. Works hard. Insanely quick turnaround. A secret weapon!

Kary Mcilwain

President, Y&R Chicago

Cristina is a bold, fearless thinker. Her passion and curiosity make her an exceptional planner. Her indomitable spirit makes her someone with whom I've enjoyed working long hours and late nights on new business pitches! She is a thought leader and a team player- a wonderful combination! I highly recommend her!


Founder, DoStuff Media

Cristina is awesome. She took a deck that had good info, but way over complicated, and turned it into gold. Not only does it close business, but I regularly get compliments from folks about how good it is. 

I highly recommend her to anyone needing great design to simply tell a big story - as long as you'll still let her freelance from time to time.